Valencia marks Blomqvist's best-ever Formula E qualifying



“A big thanks to the team for all their hard work this weekend, it’s not been easy but they’ve given it their all regardless. Saturday was a tricky one for pretty much the whole grid and was a difficult race to manage with the weather and energy consumption. Unfortunately, we didn’t quite make it but we learnt plenty of lessons to take forwards.

“For Sunday, we were confident of a better showing with an improvement in the weather. The track was still drying and went through some rapid evolution in qualifying, which we were determined to make the most of being in group four. The team did an excellent job to make sure we capitalised on that so to get both cars through to Super Pole was a brilliant reward.

“With the track still changing, I knew that where I ran in Super Pole would probably be where I started the race and that was the case with P4 which then became P3 with Lotterer’s penalty. Overall, it felt like a good lap so I was really pleased to get the result.

“We knew we might struggle a bit in the race so our game plan was to just hold our ground as much as we could, save where we could and not take any risks. I made a really good getaway from the line but I had to back off and that allowed Oliver to get through on the inside.

“From there it was a case of managing the energy and keeping it clean, as the field was so closely bunched up. We struggled a bit for pace and that was reflected in the finishing order but we’ve learnt a lot of lessons which will put us in good stead as we move towards the second half of the season.”

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